Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Imperial Russian Cruiser Bayan

A pierced piece of armor from the Imperial Russian cruiser Bayan sits next to the preserved pre-Dreadnought battleship Mikasa

Bayan was the first of a class of armored cruisers laid down in 1899. Bayan and her sister, Admiral Makarov, were constructed in France while the other two ships of the class were built in Russia.

The ship was damaged during the Battle of Port Arthur on February 8, 1904. She was further damaged by a mine in the summer of that year and ended up getting trapped at Port Arthur. Eventually the Japanese army managed to position artillery on the hills around the port and proceeded to fire upon the Russian ships in the harbor. Bayan was scuttled by the Russians in December 1904.

Bayan was captured and raised by the Japanese in 1905 and was put into service as the Aso. She served in the Imperial Japanese Navy until sunk as a target on April 1, 1932.

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