Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Soviet Submarine S-6 Located

News agencies reported the discovery of the wreck of the Soviet submarine S-6 off the Swedish coast. [link]

S-6 was on patrol during the Autumn of 1941 when it apparently blundered into a German minefield off the island of Oland. The wreck is broken into multiple sections and was likely operating on the surface when it hit one or more mines.

Soviet WW2 Submarine Found off Sweden
Wreck of the S-6 (RusNavy.com)

The photo of the S-6 on the Daily Mail Online website appears to be incorrect (see link above). The sub in the news article appears to be the United States submarine S-6 (SS-111). I couldn't find a photo of the Soviet S-6 but there is an S-class submarine preserved in Vladivostok. Take a look for yourselves.

Photo of S-6 on the Daily Mail Online website

Soviet S-class submarine S-56

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